Preparing for Surgery

Advanced Recovery® Drink

Taking steps to prepare for major surgery can help calm the nerves - and optimize your recovery.

Am I ready for this? How will I feel after? What will my recovery be like? When will I get back to my normal routine? It’s only natural: with surgery, comes questions.


Preparing for the big day…

Whether you already have a surgery date or you're still talking with your doctor about options, there are many ways to start preparing for the big day:

  • Ask your healthcare professional all of your questions
  • Gather information to best understand your surgery
  • Learn more about anesthesia
  • Line up help for your recovery at home
  • Eliminate stress as much as possible
  • Get adequate surgery nutrition and plenty of rest

Why nutrition is important for surgery?

If you were running a marathon, you would be eating to prepare for the many miles ahead. And not just eating to eat, but consuming the right foods to help you successfully reach the finish line. Like a marathon, surgery is an event you can prepare for with surgical nutrition.

The days before and after surgery are stressful enough, so you may not be thinking about food much at all.

IMPACT Advanced Recovery® Drink makes it easy to supplement important nutrients in your diet that can help you prepare for your upcoming surgery. Download this fact sheet so you can talk to your doctor about the many ways that IMPACT Advanced Recovery® Drink can help reduce the risk of complications after major surgery. Following the protocol is simple!

As you discuss the details of your surgery with your doctor, ask about adding IMPACT Advanced Recovery® Drink to your pre- and postoperative “to-do” list.

Easy "5&5" Routine

Days Before,  5 Days After

3  Cartons Each Day

Videos & Resources

IMPACT Advanced Recovery Drink® works

Watch a short video to see how IMPACT Advanced Recovery® Drink works, helping to prepare your body for major surgery

IMPACT Advanced Recovery® Drink fact sheet

Share with your doctor the IMPACT Advanced Recovery® Drink fact sheet

Meet CARL. He's having major surgery next week.

Meet CARL. He's having major surgery next week.