Go in stronger. Get home sooner.

Optimize your recovery after surgery with IMPACT Advanced Recovery® Drink.


Scheduled for major surgery?

Improve recovery by taking IMPACT Advanced Recovery® Drink before and after surgery.


Go in stronger. Get home sooner.

Learn how nutrition can help reduce time in the hospital and side effects after surgery.


Scheduled for major surgery?

Preparing your body with nutrition is vital for recovery after surgery.


Reduce your hospital recovery time after surgery with IMPACT Advanced Recovery® Drink

MeetAdvanced Recovery® Drink

IMPACT Advanced Recovery® Drink contains a unique blend of nutrients specifically formulated to support your immune system to help:

  • Support your recovery from major surgery
  • Reduce your risk of infections following surgery
  • Decrease the number of recovery days in the hospital after surgery


Unique blend of nutrients to support your recovery after surgery

What’s Inside?

A unique blend of 3 key nutrients in quantities that would be a challenge to get from a normal diet alone:

  • Arginine, an amino acid, supports the immune system and helps increase blood flow to your surgical wound, supporting the healing process1-3
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids from fish oil help to lessen the stress on your body from surgery by managing inflammation
  • Dietary nucleotides are molecules that play an important role in rebuilding immune cells that help fight off infection

1. Adiamah A et al. Ann Surg 2019;270(2):247-256.
2. Drover JW et al. J Am Coll Surg 2011;212(3): 385-399.
3. Braga M et al. Surg 2002;132:805-14.

Go in stronger. Get home sooner.

The days before and after surgery are stressful enough, so you may not be thinking about food much at all. But just like a marathon, taking the right steps to prepare for major surgery can help calm the journey before and after surgery. Nutrition is a key element to consider when you are preparing for and recovering from surgery.

Help reduce hospital recovery time and side effects with IMPACT Advanced Recovery® Drink


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