Improve Surgical Outcomes & 
Promote Patient Compliance

Surgical Complications are Costly to the 
U.S. Healthcare System


Surgical Site Infections (SSI) Occur After Inpatient Surgeries Annually1


This Leads to:
  • Longer Hospital Stays 3-6

  • Higher Readmission Rates 7

  • Higher Mortality Rates 8-10

Introducing the IMPACT® 360 Surgical Program

A Turn-Key Solution

No Set-Up or Operating Costs
Simple Per-Patient Payment Model
Ready for Immediate Use
Available Nationwide

Proven to Reduce the Risk of Post-Surgical Infectious Complications

IMPACT® formulas are made with a unique, evidence-based blend of arginine, dietary nucleotides, and omega-3 fatty acids proven to reduce the risk of infectious complications by 51%11 and reduce readmissions12 after major elective surgery.

Reduce Length of Stay by Covering the Cost of IMPACT Advanced Recovery®

GI surgery patients who were provided IMPACT Advanced Recovery® drinks for preoperative consumption at no charge had a significantly reduced length of stay, as part of a perioperative Enhanced Recovery Protocol, when compared to patients who needed to purchase the product out-of-pocket.14

Average Length of Hospital Stay

IMPACT Advanced Recovery® provided at no charge

6.37 DAYS

IMPACT Advanced Recovery® paid for out-of-pocket

8.30 DAYS

Incidence of
Surgical Site






A Simple Protocol

Consume 3 cartons of IMPACT Advanced Recovery® per day for 5 days before and at least 5 days after surgery.

Succesfully used in conjuction with Enhanced Recovery Protocols (ERPs) 1-6

Go Beyond a Recommendation

The IMPACT® 360 Surgical Program is an automated solution designed to promote and track patient compliance, plus relieve the burden of product fulfillment.

How it works?

  • Provider Recommends IMPACT Advanced Recovery® Drink

    • The patient is provided with sign-up instructions ad a unique access code.

  • Patient Signs Up

    • The patient signs up for the program through a secure web portal

  • Product is Delivered to Patient

    • The recommended amount of IMPACT Advanced Recovery® drinks is shipped to the patient’s home.

  • Automated Reminders

    • The patient receives automatic text messages reminding them to drink their IMPACT Advanced Recovery® drink.
      Patient must opt in to text message reminders during registration and may opt out at any time.

  • Patient Monitoring

    • The amount of IMPACT Advanced Recovery® cartons consumed is recorded and available to the provider through a secure web portal.

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